360MedConnect was created for physicians and providers who want to be independent, entrepreneurs, and who want to “control their own destiny” while focusing on providing great healthcare.  If that’s you, let’s partner!

360MedConnect is 100% physician and administrator-owned — we walk the walk and talk the talk since our entire team is actively working in and for private practice.

What makes 360MedConnect unique (and makes us your greatest ally)?  360MedConnect brings several hundred years of real-world healthcare experience to support ALL your administrative needs from start-up to daily operations to strategic planning and implementation of new ancillary services and revenue streams.  To maximize 360MedConnect’s value to YOU, our team includes several seasoned physicians (MDs) who provide clinician-specific support and input.  In addition, our physician team members are instrumental in preparing draft clinical workflows, policy & procedures, protocols/algorithms, and since they’re in independent, private practice, they can share best practices and lessons learned (don’t re-create the wheel when “been there, done that” experience is an email or phone call away).

If you don’t want to be tied to a huge bureaucracy, don’t want to be employed under a contract/agreement that changes after a few years (usually not in your best interest), and don’t want to deal with organizational politics dictating how you provide care to patients, give us a call or send us an email — let’s talk.

360MedConnect’s guiding principles are integrity, service, and excellence