Medical Billing & Coding

360MedConnect provides full-service billing, coding, and pre-authorization support (complete revenue cycle management) for your daily needs.  We tie our cost for services directly to a percentage of your net collections to ensure collections are maximized (this way, everyone is incentivized and motivated).  Your success is directly related to your ability to collect for services rendered — we will do the heavy-lifting to make sure you receive payment for your hard work.

How long has it been since you negotiated for new payer (insurance) contracts?  In partnership with your team, we will identify all your payers, evaluate your fee (charge) schedule, assess carve-outs based on multiple factors such as your operating expenses, and negotiate with the different insurance companies for improved reimbursement.  What impact would a 5% or 10% increase in reimbursements from commercial payers have on your bottom line?

Human Resource Management (Benefits, Payroll, Hiring/Releasing, Performance Review Programs, Pay/Compensation)

360MedConnect is established as a PEO (or professional employer organization) so we’re able to provide all human resource services to include benefit offerings based on the total number of employees of all clients (i.e., instead of only your staff, which unless you have a large number, the different benefit vendors like Blue Cross won’t give you the best rates so we bundle all clients under the 360MedConnect umbrella).  We can take care of your workers’ compensation insurance coverage, health/dental benefits, life insurance, and the full-range of payroll services (gross payroll & state/federal taxes).  In addition, we can provide you with a customized employee handbook and policy & procedure manual.  We have several techniques for recruiting/hiring staff, assessing market benchmarks for pay/compensation (hourly wages), documentation and processes for hiring and terminating (to mitigate your unemployment liability), and for establishing an employee performance review program or incentives program.  Also, 360MedConnect is affiliated with Human Resource Management, LLC so as a client of 360MedConnect, you’ll have access and support from over 100 years of human resource expertise for your short and long-term needs. If it’s in the “taking care of your people” space (your most valuable asset), we are your partner!

Management & Support Services

A management services organization (MSO) provides all/some of the administrative support to a practice.  For example, our MSO agreement will ensure your practice receives needed business services such as a CEO, administrator, or practice/office manager, billing team, IT specialist, facility manager, HR support, or other support staff services.  We will keep it simple (and simplify your life) through an agreement and partnership where you are “buying” services (we will take care of the “people stuff”).

How much time do you have to advertise, screen/recruit, and onboard a new leader/manager in your organization?  Let 360MedConnect do the “heavy lifting” in partnership with you to find and place a leader/manager with the ideal technical and soft skills (people skills) to “fit” your needs and your organization’s culture.  In addition, when someone is placed by 360MedConnect, that isn’t the end of the support since that individual will have access to a network of high-successful and experienced leaders/managers (and there will be regular communication with you and the individual, that is, routine follow-up).  Ultimately, we see this as a partnership with the common goal of achieving new heights of success with a long and prosperous future.

Or do you need other support staff such as front office (reception or central scheduling) or LPNs/MAs?  We can find and place these key workers to keep all your practice functions operating while you concentrate on patient care.

Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Consulting

Are you AAAHC accredited (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care)?  Do you have an AAAHC (every 3 years) or CMS audit coming up?  Are you interested in starting/establishing an ASC?  Or do you need support with daily center operations or preparing standard workflows or policy & procedures?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions (or you have other questions), we are the partner you’ve been looking for.

Practice Consulting

Starting a practice can be incredibly challenging — 360MedConnect has the tools and experience to help you start, grow, and flourish.  Or do you need some day-to-day operational support?  Perhaps you have a workflow that needs to be implemented or optimized?  Are you thinking about adding a new service line or ancillary?  Is it time to add a new partner, change your compensation methodology, or assess your practice’s culture/morale or finances?

If you measure it, you can manage it AND if you value it, you can change it.  A practice assessment is the foundation on which to build your plan (it’s the heads-up-display in your aircraft or the dashboard of your car).  Where is your practice?  How does it compare with other practices?  Where should it be?  How can it be improved?  What should be targeted for improvement?

When was the last time your organization conducted a strategic planning event?  Is everyone in your organization on the same page regarding where you’re going in the future?  In 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 or 20 years?  360MedConnect can facilitate your next strategic planning event and provide a comprehensive summary and report.  In addition, as part of the event, “together” we will identify the current environment and emerging trends, perform a SWOT analysis, validate and/or modify mission/vision/values statements (why are we here?), brainstorm goals/strategies/tasks/actions (what do we want to “start” doing and “stop” doing?), and finally, we will help you decide the order of priority the strategies will be implemented (and who will lead/manage, how will it be assessed, and how will it be adjusted, and what is the “measurable” goal?).  Strategic planning involves open and honest two-way communication (and a lot of it) so this will be an extremely interactive event.  It will be structured with “rules of engagement” to ensure communication flows and all ideas are shared and the concepts of “if you measure it, you can manage it & if you value it, you can change it” will be an overarching focus of the resulting strategies.